Monday, 11 June 2012

The Jubilee Celebrations

We had a wonderful day in Perth on Saturday 2nd June. It was a bit chilly to start with but the sun came out in the end.  To celebrate the Queens Diamond Jubilee, we had a giant picnic on the North Inch.  There were 1000 pipers and aw 'n aw, a kilt run and a huge stage where there were choirs, highland dancing etc.  Perth Youth Brass were there once the pipers had blown themselves out.

The pipers marched round the CITYParty smile and back to the Inch where the massed band played (supposed to be Highland Cathedral) - not a dry eye on the Inch.

The Ladies from the Island went down and took a picnic including lots of iron brew and water. Well the liquid refreshment was in bottles which may or may not have contained iron brew. Dot is 60 on Monday so we had a birthday cake which she cut with great difficulty with a very small knife. (Didn't want to get arrested in a public place.)  I felt sorry for her poor mother being in the matty on Coronation Day until I remembered that was in 1953!

We then had a Kilt Run and we were trying to beat our twin city in Canada's record of the most kilted runners. It got a bit fraught because although we had enough runners to beat the record some were disqualified because they did not have authentic kilts. 16 runners short of the 1090 in the end

Better luck next year!