Saturday, 31 March 2018

First Fling 31 Mar 2018

Twelve ladies took part in a fun Texas Scramble for the First Fling, but sadly the weather got the better of us and it was decided to finish after 8 holes.  The decision to finish early was made all the easier when we discovered Agnes had scored her first hole in one on the 5th, playing with Iris and Alison.  So needless to say, a big celebration was in order! The Easter Eggs were won by Liz, Dot and Pam but the big focus was on Agnes's achievement, much to everyone's delight.  Hopefully the weather will improve for us next time we play, but it didn't stop us having fun today.  

Monday, 26 March 2018

Opening Day Sat 24 Mar

What a glorious day we had for Captain v Vice Captain. Of course, it wouldn't be a ladies organised golf day without it being eventful ! 

Firstly we were going to have 2 Lady/Junior combos at the end of our match but unfortunately 2 Juniors pulled out which meant Alison & Iris were left to play in a twosome (I doubt the Juniors must have heard about them !). 

Then one of our ladies dropped out but Super-Sub Helen stepped into the breach - and played a blinder (or was that blind drunk  - due to underhand tactics of Vice Captains side!). 

Finally before we could get off the tee, we had padlock-gate and trolley-gate - needless to say, it was all very entertaining and you couldn't make it up ! 

Certainly a day to remember..........just a pity some people couldn't remember what their trolleys looked like or where they'd left them 😜 

After all that, the result seemed an anticlimax after all the earlier shenanigans, I was delighted 😬 to announce the Vice Captain's Team was victorious, winning 2½pts to the Captain's Teams' 1½pts.

The Margaret Watson Trophy Presentation

Captain & Vice Captain & their teams


Runners-up !

Friday, 23 March 2018

Pre-season Get Together

The Captain welcomed 14 ladies to the first get together of the new season.  Despite a bit of heckling she eventually made it through her opening speech..

Linda handed out the winter league prizes - everybody that had played got a prize, either a sh***y one, a golf ball or, for the lucky ones, hard cash !

After our stovies and nachos, Linda gave some information about handicap changes then we got to the serious part of the evening - the beetle drive!

It's quite a simple game, but,by all accounts, the Captain obviously didn't give a sufficient explanation of the rules - enough said 😬 All I can say is that the beetle impressions in the photo were an improvement on some of the drawn versions.
What a load of beetles !