Tuesday, 17 December 2013


The Children's Christmas Party took place on Sunday afternoon. 16 children attended and had a really enjoyable time.  The children were so well behaved that we could not believe how easy it was to entertain them.   Mind you we did have plenty of help from Mr Magic,Santa Claus and the Boy Wizard!

Our thanks to everyone who helped, especially the King Jimmy members who so generously fill up the bottle every year with their spare cash and then buy loads of raffle tickets. 

We easily covered our costs.




Monday, 16 December 2013


The Ladies were all looking forward to our Christmas competition on Saturday. Unfortunately, due to adverse weather conditions, the turkey did not trot out of the clubhouse.  However that did not stop us having a good time -  just allowed more time for the mince pies and Marion's magnificent mulled wine!!

We drew for the butcher's vouchers which would have been used as the prizes for the competition.

Congratulations to Anne Smith, Dot Whytock and Moira Lumby who can now buy their Christmas dinner.