Wednesday, 11 July 2012

180th Birthday Celebrations

Moira, Dot and Moira celebrated 180 years between them by inviting the Ladies to a BBQ and garden party. Moira L and her lovely family allowed us all to trample her lawns and hit golf balls into her borders (none of us could hit a ball into the upturned brollies supplied!!)   Attire was optional and on the whole very ladylike just as you would suppose from a gathering of King Jimmy Ladies. However, thanks to a superb wind up from Sponge Bob Ali, some ladies chose to wear shorts and welliesSurprised smileSurprised smile.   Maybe they were off to T In the Park later.

The birthday girls put on a beautiful spread. After providing us with welcoming glasses of sparkling rose, Games Masters, Christopher and Michael, organised us into teams. We played keepie up tennis and ran hilarious  potato & spoon relay races. Then a long interval to recover while we had lunch and kept up to date with Andy's progress at Wimbledon. After lunch it was croquet, quoits and pitching and serious problems with the lost balls behind the pitching targets. Maybe the wine was a bad idea girls!

Another break from our exertions but we were entertained by a quiz and live music provided by the boys. Congratulations to the Red team (Muriel, Margaret G, Alison & Michelle) who won the team prize and Dot who managed to win the Best Sportswoman Prize Laugh despite eating two plates of dessert at the same time (the camera never lies!)

Thanks again Girls for a wonderful afternoon! Red roseRed roseRed rose

180th Birthday Celebrations
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