Monday, 10 December 2018

Ladies Christmas Golf & Meal

The 9th of December 2018 will be a day the King Jimmy ladies will remember for a while - all 21 current lady members turned out for our Xmas meal.  There was no cajoling or threats required!

8 ladies donned their Xmas attire for a round of winter golf before retiring to the clubhouse to be joined by the rest of the section to enjoy a hearty Xmas meal provided by Paul & his team.

After we were full up with both food and drink, a little bit of exercise, both of the mind and body, was required.  Out came Pass the Parcel - with a few tweaks !  There was a fair bit of laughter, often at other's expense, at Find the Golf Tee, Pass the M&M's, What's in the Stocking & Wrap a Present.  As the tasks seemed to be getting a little bit harder as each round passed, the last 4 ladies were getting more and more anxious.  But they were lucky as the organiser had run out of ideas, so they only had to unwrap the last parcel and claim the prizes.  Phew !

Ladies AGM & Prizegiving

It was a spooky halloween night for our AGM with a couple of witches hats being thrown around and a few creepy critters on our dining table - but it takes more than that to put us off our food !  A good turnout of the ladies saw a straightforward AGM (thank you ladies !), an expeditious prizegiving (I don't think anyone could do it quicker than Dot!) and a lovely meal prepared by Paul, ably assisted by Ronnie.

Before ! Does anyone know where the camera is ?
After !  Eyes front !

Handicap Champion Pam (left)
 being presented with her trophy
 by Ladies Captain Michelle