1. Calendar Year  - now 1st January to 31st December

  1. Four Ball Better Ball Handicap Allowance now increased from 75% to 90%

  1. CSS Calculation  includes cat 4 for Men & Women

  1. Handicap Limit -  maximum of 54 can now be allocated as a Club Handicap and each Club can decide in which Competition, if any,  the Club Handicap may be used.  We are going to allow the Club Handicap to be used in the 9 Hole Competitions as a start.

  1. Handicap Allocation  now any combination of 9 or 18 to submit 54 holes ie 6 cards on 9holes if preferred.

  1. Supplementary Scores

    1. 10 scores per annum 1 per week
    2. Submitted from any Club at which player is a member
    3. 9 hole scores allowed for players in Cat 2 or above
    4. No restriction on no. of Supplementary Scores  for players 36.1 to 54
    5. Must at all times follow Club rules for submitting Scores.  Indicate before play and always make sure score is returned to Home Club.

  1. Reinstatement of Competition Handicap will be allocated after return of 3 Qualifying Scores including 9 holes and Supplementary Scores.

  1. Reactivation of Handicap. If a player leaves /resigns a club with a Competition Handicap it will remain valid for the remainder of the year and for the full following year.

  1. Continuous Handicap Review A new report will be generated showing players who have 7 consecutive 0.1 handicap increases. Handicap Committees are recommended to consider applying handicap adjustments if appropriate.

  1. Players with a Competition Handicap  cannot be moved to a Club Handicap without their agreement.

  1. Query re allowing players to enter Competitions and restricting handicap outstanding with  CONGU.

  1. Local Rule – No Supplementary Scores if a Club Competition is scheduled – still to be discussed by Ladies Committee.

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