Friday, 18 October 2013

Charity Donation - Rescued Greyhounds

Our Charity Evening this year was held in support of Greyhound Rescue Fife. This good cause was brought to our attention through Anne & Robin Smith's daughter who is a volunteer at the Kennels.

Dot, Moira and Pat went out to see the kennels at first hand and presented the owners Celia & Jimmie Fernie with a cheque for £70.

Celia & Jimmie look after 48 greyhounds from all over the UK at the kennels. They are all former racing dogs which have retired from racing or younger dogs who were deemed unsuitable for the track.  The Fernies hope to find homes for the dogs but if not they look after them anyway.  They have 9 dogs themselves including Madam, who you can see lounging on the sofa. Madam's pups used to fetch £10,000 each. She deserves a spot of pampering now!

Most of the dogs share a double kennel so they are kept muzzled as a precaution. Greyhounds are very gentle as a rule so as you will see even Dot got up close and personal!

We were treated to a tour of the kennels meeting the honoured guests and seeing all the trophies and racing memorabilia - a real greyhound museum!

For all you dog lovers, especially if you are looking for a well behaved pet, Have a trip out to see the great work they do out there. Be reassured our small donation is going to a good cause. Jimmie showed us a typical monthly vet's bill in excess of £1400.

Dot, Celia, Jimmie, Moira & Madam

Get that bit behind my ear!

I won't bite, honest!

Take me home please!

New man Dot?

The Dog Walker - this contraption can walk 4 dogs at once at varying speeds

Madam and friend- what a life!

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