Thursday, 24 March 2016


We had our pre- season get together on Wednesday evening and combined the event with a wee celebration of Ann Arnold's 80th birthday.  Most of us hadn't seen Ann since she celebrated her birthday in the Canaries - she thought we would forget all about it!

Captain Alison and her Vice Michelle had prepared a tasting test for us.  We had to try three varieties of Prosecco and various nibbles and rate them in order of preference.  It will be no surprise to any of us that we didn't rate the most expensive Prosecco. We won't waste our hard earned cash in future. You will see us all in Aldi's this weekend.

Michelle announced the winners of the Winter League who are all now hot footing it  down to buy the cheap Prosecco with their winnings.

A great evening Alison. Looking forward to Saturday and our Opening Day.
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