Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Winter Walk 2017

Our Winter Walk took us on a circular route starting at Scone Racecourse, walking along the River Tay and ending up at Stormontfield where Donna's 2 dogs, Fergus and Storm greeted us with some friendly(?) barking. It was a lovely day for a walk, even though Margaret tried to leave her shoe behind in a particularly muddy section.  Help was at hand though - Anne managed to pull Margaret (and her shoe !) to safety.

Once we finished the walk, we headed to the Wheel Inn for a bite to eat.  Unfortunately, every plate of soup had to be returned to the kitchen to be heated up! At least Alison and I fared better - we didn't have the soup! We received a discount on our bill for the inconvenience, but not sure if we're keen to go back any time soon.

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