Monday, 26 March 2018

Opening Day Sat 24 Mar

What a glorious day we had for Captain v Vice Captain. Of course, it wouldn't be a ladies organised golf day without it being eventful ! 

Firstly we were going to have 2 Lady/Junior combos at the end of our match but unfortunately 2 Juniors pulled out which meant Alison & Iris were left to play in a twosome (I doubt the Juniors must have heard about them !). 

Then one of our ladies dropped out but Super-Sub Helen stepped into the breach - and played a blinder (or was that blind drunk  - due to underhand tactics of Vice Captains side!). 

Finally before we could get off the tee, we had padlock-gate and trolley-gate - needless to say, it was all very entertaining and you couldn't make it up ! 

Certainly a day to remember..........just a pity some people couldn't remember what their trolleys looked like or where they'd left them 😜 

After all that, the result seemed an anticlimax after all the earlier shenanigans, I was delighted 😬 to announce the Vice Captain's Team was victorious, winning 2½pts to the Captain's Teams' 1½pts.

The Margaret Watson Trophy Presentation

Captain & Vice Captain & their teams


Runners-up !

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