Tuesday, 9 October 2018

Friendly/Handicap League Matches


The ladies had mixed success this year with the Friendly matches, winning 1 and losing 3.  At times it was a struggle to find enough ladies to make up a team as we have such a small membership, but the good news is that Donna agreed to play this year and Noreen has made a return and is happy to be part of a team.  So – anyone else who hasn’t played in this for a while please consider taking part.  It’s good fun and you get your food after!  Thanks Paul.  Also thanks to all of you who took part.  After the winter to practice I’m confident we’ll do better next season in the return matches!


Unfortunately we didn’t do too well this year in the Handicap League matches, but no-one can say we didn’t try!  It was enjoyable and we were incredibly lucky with the weather.  Thanks to everyone who put their name down – it can be tricky with the times for the working ladies and sometimes it was difficult to make up a team – so – please next season put your name down and join in the fun.  With lots of practice over the winter we’ll be ready for a come-back!
I have put up the result sheet on the notice board in the ladies locker room.

Thanks again to everyone who took part in both Friendlies and Handicap and well done.


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