Tuesday, 26 August 2014


Due to an oversight at the start of the season, the Teams for the Team Challenge trophies were not drawn. So you have all been playing without the incentive of earning points for your team. This will now change. Teams are:

  1. Fiona Farquhason, Margaret McGlashan, Muriel McPherson
  2. Moira Chapman, Alison Knight, Pat Hebner
  3. Michelle McKay, Margaret Watson, Dot Whytock
  4. Ann Arnold, Sheena MacGregor, Agnes Manattini
  5. Lesley Findlay, Moira Lumby, Linda Mailer
  6. Liz Angus, Iris Robertson, Anne Smith
The Dream Team are charging ahead but there is still time for the others to pull up their socks and catch up :-X !!

Score Sheet is on the Competition Board in the Office.

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for getting this up and running.
    It's another thing to aim for if you're not having the best of days - even if you can only get 1 point for your team, it makes you're game worthwhile.